Love for Dragon Age 2

Good news for Dragon Age fans as EA revealed a few days ago that Dragon Age 2 has gone gold. That, in video game speak, means it’s done, the version is final (or patched later) and is likely being manufactured for eager players the world over.

There has been much debate regarding the toning down of the game’s complexities. Supposedly, combat has been made more immediate and less intimidating (though recent previews have shown that the player can indeed enter turn based combat at any time, just like before), and in general there is a concern that it will be dumbed down in many respects, ‘consolized’ perhaps, as is the PC enthusiasts jibe of choice.

But there are a lot of Dragon Age players out there that have a bigger concern and one of which I have yet to see addressed; will there be as much focus on the character interactions and relationships as occurred in Origins?

Origins, the first Dragon Age, had a myriad of individual emotional experiences for anyone who sought them. I myself have had conversations with a number of people who all took their relationships in different ways – Alistair, Leliana, Morrigan, and so many other characters spanning entire game partnerships. Will Dragon Age 2 live up to expectations in this regard or indeed, exceed them?

We will find out when Dragon Age 2 becomes available in all regions during March 2011.



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2 responses to “Love for Dragon Age 2

  1. >i wonder about this too; but if the model that DA2 follows is, say, along the lines of ME2, i'll be pretty well satisfied; it's interesting comparing the ways the two games handle relationships and character interactions — i have to think about this a bit more to really come up with some clear thoughts about it, but in general i felt like i had to work harder to make connections with characters in DA, which i liked; ME and, especially, ME2 made it a bit too easy i think. i also loved that the DA characters reacted to things you did in the world in material ways, whereas in ME, they might say something about their preference, but your actions don't seem to impact relationships.

    • visual look of the ability trees — it’s very Final Fantasy to me (as I think I metnioned in my review of the demo). a0I feel I should be assigning Dress Spheres, not picking spells and abilities for my character.

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