Games that Woo


Chris Tottier has posted her GDC talk, Designing games for the 43-year-old woman, and it’s worth looking at. It’s about respecting what she calls the “accidental gamer” – the non-captive audience who has stumbled into games but is not the “gamer” most of us usually target with game products. She talks about how game designers have to compete for the accidental gamer’s time, and should be “easy to love”: “Pour her a proverbial glass of wine.”

I love this idea, that a game woos its player gently by charming her and drawing her into its world, rather than by challenging her to compete. Yes, we should have more games like this! Who doesn’t want to be wooed? 🙂



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2 responses to “Games that Woo

  1. kim

    >I think Braid fits in here in some sense of the word. It's a less romantic 'woo', but certainly teases a glimpse of something deeper going on, as you are drawn into the game.As does Portal, for that matter.

  2. >I think the lessons from this are actually applicable across all games. It's parallel to the accessibility arguments, in a way, it's saying: if people are wooed and want to get involved, then they'll take the time to learn how to play.

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