“Did she just money-shot herself with his neck-blood?”

Did you happen to read this? If not, I’d recommend you do so. Yes, right now. Off you go.

“The consequence of making violence sexy in an ocular medium such as gaming is that the expressions of violent sexuality become more and more graphic, disturbing and explicit. Lara Croft firing guns in a tanktop was considered risqué in her day, now we have a nearly naked women gyrating in the fresh blood of an eviscerated opponent. Given how the objectification of women is derisively addressed in our culture, the femme fatale trope and its enforcement of patriarchal thinking, is extremely problematic. Especially for male gamers, who spend hours devouring content where women (even “strong” ones) are debased. “

A fantastic article on The Border House and one that every gamer should read.



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2 responses to ““Did she just money-shot herself with his neck-blood?”

  1. I'm not sure if questioning the agency of ladies in Mortal Kombat is fair: Every character in that game exists only to kill and fuck. No-one has agency beyond the limited, violent actions they can perform in these tiny arenas. Is it really useful to separate the women and look at how terrible they are as characters? All the characters in Mortal Kombat are terrible.

  2. Adam, yes, it is useful. It is instructive to look at how differently the female characters are terrible from the male characters; the male characters of MK are nowhere near as hyper-sexualized as the female ones (although I agree they are terrible for different reasons!) Men are almost never shown as objects upon which sexual acts can be enacted the way that female bodies are; they are the aggressors and the actors. This is a critical difference.

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